My story

Hi there! I’m so glad you are curious about Kiojo. I’m so sure this has the potential to change your life… here’s how it all started:
I am kiojo

Kiojo’s first product which provides hydration with cognitive support was not a random choice, but my life story. My interests and lifestyle have always been focused on natural health and longevity along with staying active. Kiojo’s hydration nutritional drink was inspired by personal challenges that I had with dehydration and mental fatigue.

I’ve always lived an extremely active lifestyle and it started to take a toll on my body later in life. I developed frequent kidney stones for a few years, I tried everything, and even cut out dairy products. During this time I was taking long trips to Honduras each year building orphanages in the mountains with other humanitarian minded patrons. As a result I had painful muscle cramps and mental fatigue due to severe dehydration. This would begin to affect other areas in my life as well.

One of my passions is kiteboarding. But after 4 hours or so of being in my flow state I got leg and arm cramps that would cause me to quit early for the day, then cramps returned again at night while sleeping and became severe with intense pain. I am a regular student of Yoga and practiced Aikido and would often get muscle cramping in my toes and legs which made it often difficult. These little annoyances put me on a massive research mission learning about the significance of body hydration and mental alertness.

My goal was to make a hydration drink that eases cramps, prevents kidney stones, boost’s mental alertness, gives unlimited energy, calms anxiety, builds muscle tone, creates a sense of well being, eliminates fatigue and burns fat! Just to list a few…. Our research paid off and “Hydrate the body-Enhance the mind ™” was created with 11 powerful ingredients that are synergistically blended together and work just as we had hoped. All this happens at the cellular level from building neurotransmitters, ATP and enzyme production for increasing metabolism and general overall health.

Remember “It’s not what you’re given: it’s what you do with what you have.”


Jim Holcomb Founder of Kiojo LLC



What is Kiojo
Kiojo is a word coined by its founder Jim Holcomb and means harmony. Ki means energy and M(ojo) means personal perceived ability. When the two words are combined we have an active force called Kiojo. Ki+M(ojo)=Kiojo

What we do
Kiojo is a company dedicated to providing innovative nutritional products, services and support to those individuals who seek a greater sense of awareness in their life and desire to live their full potential. Our intention is to transform the body and enhance the mind/spirit using science based nutrition with related services.

What makes us different
Our approach for nutritional supplements is to use the highest quality nutrients available that have been clinically researched and tested for their specific functions for the body and brain. To achieve this core principal, we invest our time and resources working with innovative companies who are making new unprecedented discoveries in nutrition and are patent protected in regards to nutritional science.

How we do it
Our key to formulating an effective nutritional supplement is to analyze each ingredient for its synergistic value when combined with the other ingredients in the formula. What this means is one ingredient must enhance the other and work together in harmony (Kiojo) to achieve the purpose of the whole formula.